Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment Rental FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to pay anything when we pick up the vitrectomy recovery equipment or have it delivered?

There are no additional fees if the equipment is picked up from our location. If delivery and/or pick up is helpful, there will be a small fee for those services. If insurance has indicated there is coverage, there will be no out of pocket expense at the time of rental.

Does the vitrectomy patient have to come in to pick up the equipment themselves?

FaceDown Rental recommends the vitrectomy patient comes in before the surgery if possible, so we may adjust the equipment to fit them. However, a family member can be shown how to make the necessary adjustments, or we can describe it over the phone for our mail order vitrectomy equipment rental clients.

How am I supposed to sleep face down?

We offer a portable vitrectomy recovery sleep support unit that can be used in place of your pillow, ensuring face down sleeping throughout the night.

How can I reach FaceDown Rental?

Phone: (414) 476-9008

How do I take a shower, brush my teeth, and use the bathroom?

Your vitrectomy surgeon and their staff will assist you with a daily routine for such things during your vitrectomy recovery.

How do I watch TV?

FaceDown Rental offers a reverse mirror which allows for easy television viewing from your vitrectomy recovery chair, or from the vitrectomy recovery sleep support.

How much does it cost to ship my vitrectomy recovery equipment?

Vitrectomy recovery equipment shipping is $50 for regular ground Fedex shipping. Overnight or priority shipping of vitrectomy recovery equipment has an additional charge. Contact FaceDown Rental for more information.

What if I need the vitrectomy recovery equipment longer than I thought I would?

No problem. Just call to let us know.

Where can I rent the vitrectomy recovery equipment?

You can rent our vitrectomy recovery equipment at our Milwaukee office:

W156 N9666 Pilgrim Road
Germantown, WI 53022

To get vitrectomy recovery equipment shipped or delivered to you, please call 414-476-9008.

Will my vitrectomy recovery equipment rental be covered by insurance?

It depends on the plan you have. FaceDown Rental has a great record of success processing vitrectomy equipment insurance claims through Medicare and commercial insurance companies. If it is possible to get your health insurance company to cover vitrectomy recovery equipment rental, FaceDown Rental will do it. We will verify coverage, submit pre-authorizations and medical claims directly from our office.

Will the vitrectomy recovery equipment fit in my car?

Yes. The vitrectomy recovery products fold up and are transported in canvas bags, fitting in the backseat of even a very small car. The vitrectomy recovery chair weighs less than 15 lbs.
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