Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment Video Demonstration

Welcome to Facedown Rental, your National resource for post surgical vitrectomy recovery equipment.
You’re going to be watching an instructional video on how to set up and tear down one model of our post surgical vitrectomy equipment. If you have any questions following the vitrectomy equipment tutorial, please give our office a call at 414-476-9008, as we have a 24 hour Customer Care line available.
To start setting up your vitrectomy recovery equipment, remove the bungee cord located on the lower front of the chair. Open the chair by sliding the seat backward towards yourself and lock into position. Unlock and move the headpiece to the horizontal, level position, and lock in place. Unlock the hand rest and move this to a level position and then lock this in place.

Move the crescent headpiece and place the 3 piece pad onto the Velcro pads. Move the pads on the 3 piece to allow for the eye-guard or eye glasses as necessary. You can position the mirror to view TV, friends, family, computer, or any other project that you may want to do while you are recovering. The proper head position would be having your chin and forehead level at a 90 degree angle. The removable knee pads will give you additional leg mobility. When you’re finished with your vitrectomy recovery equipment and you are going to pack it up, you would just reverse the aforementioned process.

The sleeping piece can also be used on a desktop or with a table and chairs. Starting with this piece in a neutral position, press both buttons on the rectangular pad closest to you, and bring it up to a 45 degree angle. This will sit nicely against the edge of a countertop or table. Then press both buttons on the bottom of the headpiece to complete the positioning in your face down or 45 degree angle. The mirror may also be used in this position.

The sleeping piece is very easy to use. You would place this piece where your pillow would normally be on your bed. Remove the piece from the bag, and push both buttons on the rectangular pad closest to you, and move it up a click or two. Your head weight will lower the head piece into a comfortable position for sleeping. The 3 piece pad can also be used for sleeping to allow for the eyeguard.

Please contact us if you have any questions about how to use your vitrectomy recovery equipment. From start to finish, Facedown Rental Company is your source for vitrectomy surgery recovery.
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