Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment

The vitrectomy recovery equipment pictured below helps post operative vitrectomy patients to be comfortable while staying face down 24 hours a day. All FaceDown Rental equipment is specifically designed to provide comfortable, ergonomically correct support for face down posturing 24 hours a day.

For patients within Southeastern Wisconsin, our friendly technician will deliver, set up, and pick up your vitrectomy recovery equipment. 

For patients outside Southeastern Wisconsin, FaceDown Rental will ship the vitrectomy recovery equipment to you. 

Please call FaceDown Rental for equipment pricing. 

We keep our prices are extremely competitive to offer to best value of any vitrectomy recovery equipment rental company. Prices will vary depending on your situation, but when you call to compare, you will see FaceDown Rental offers the best value on vitrectomy recovery equipment rental as well as the best chances of getting your vitrectomy recovery equipment rental covered by insurance.

Vitrectomy Recovery Chairs

FaceDown Rental has three sizes of vitrectomy recovery chairs. One is designed specifically for shorter people and children. It is extremely easy to set up and weighs only 12 pounds. The base of the vitrectomy recovery chair has four individual legs that distribute the patient's weight evenly, making it very stable. It has a large arm rest area that houses the reverse mirror beautifully, allowing the patient to watch TV, work on the computer, or look at people while conversing.

Our newest vitrectomy recovery chairs have been redesigned with removable knee pads to give patients even more flexibility in the number of positions they can sit in. The new vitrectomy chair also features more possible adjustments for greater customization of the chair to the patient's body, as well as a new shelf for the reverse mirror, and a pocket that will hold a cordless phone, television remote, medications, etc.

The recovery chair can easily be moved from one room to another. All vitrectomy chairs come with a carrying case for easy travel.

Our vitrectomy recovery chair comes with a flannel head cover. There is also an optional three piece headrest which can replace the standard crescent headrest. The three piece headrest offers better support for patients who need glasses or a surgical guard. Memory foam and fleece covers make this a very comfortable piece.
Vitrectomy Recovery Products: Chair - Multiple Adjustments Create a Better Fit
Vitrectomy Recovery Products: Chair - Removable Knee Pads

Face Down Sleep Support

Our vitrectomy recovery sleep support is designed for the patient that MUST sleep with their face down. Multiple adjustments make this piece extremely comfortable, and it is used on the patient's own bed. Using this piece makes stomach sleeping comfortable for patients who are used to sleeping on their backs, and ensures they will stay on their stomachs through the whole night. This versatile support can also be used at a desk or a table, providing even more options for the patient. There is ample space for the reverse mirror, and it is easy to use for traveling to visit friends and relatives - use it in the car to assure proper head positioning throughout your trip.

Vitrectomy Recovery Products: Face Down Sleep Support

Three Piece Headrest

The three piece headrest is an alternative to the crescent shaped headrest on the vitrectomy recovery chair and face down sleep support. It has 3 individual pads, which allow for a surgical guard or eyeglasses. The position of the pads is adjustable to fit the patient's face. Memory foam and fleece covers make this a very comfortable piece.

Vitrectomy Recovery Products: Three Piece Headrest

Reverse Mirror

The reverse mirror is a must have for any vitrectomy patient. It allows you to watch TV in your vitrectomy recovery chair, sitting right below the headrest (optional 3-piece headrest shown in picture). A normal mirror will show pictures upside down and backwards. By showing a reflection of a reflection, the reverse mirror corrects the image, to show what the vitrectomy patient would see if they were looking forwards. Being able to look at friends and family while conversing, use the computer and watch TV are activities that make life more enjoyable while recovering from vitrectomy surgery. The reverse mirror is a small addition which makes a huge difference!

Vitrectomy Recovery Products: Reverse Mirror, Storage Pouch and Carrying Case
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