November 22, 2008

Vitrectomy Recovery: Life After Intervention

Eye surgery outcome would not be complete without vitrectomy recovery.

What is vitrectomy recovery? It is the process through which your eyes go after you had eye surgery. While your eyes are recovering, you will only have partial sight, as the eyes are very sensitive and they need some time to return to their functions.

When a vitrectomy is performed to you, doctors will get the vitreous from the eye that is undergoing surgery. The vitreous is the substance that is found in the eye, between the lens and the retina. It looks very much like a gel and it is completely colorless.

This substance is very important for your vision, as when the liquid becomes unclear, you may become unable to see well. An intervention called vitrectomy must be done in order to get the vitreous back to its normal composition.

The retina is another part of the eye that may become damage due to certain causes. When the retina suffers tear or it detaches from the rest of the eye, the same medical intervention is recommended. When they do that, the doctors introduce a gas bubble in the eye and the bubble will act as a pressure element that will get the retina back to its former place. All this happens during the recovery period after the vitrectomy.

In order to make the recovery work well, doctors give the patient a special pillow that allows sleep with the eyes facing downwards. This position will make possible for the bubble to press the retina and it will aid recovery. During the night, most of the recovery is made possible, while the patient is asleep.

The doctor will recommend this position that aids the recovery, - also called posturing - for a certain amount of time, between 5-14 days. Some doctors will recommend posturing every day, for almost all the time, with little breaks every now and then, so the patient can stretch a little. Less problems are encountered at night, when the patient sleeps, and the position can be assumed easier.

The head rest is very useful during these situations. But, for some people may discover that sitting so much in this position can cause them some small problems with the back, and the pain may seem quite a lot from time to time, staying in the same position for hours. Some pain killers may help, as the posturing must be maintained for all the amount of time recommended by the doctor.

If using posturing is difficult for you, try using many pillows put under the chest and you will feel less pressure in the back.

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