Vitrectomy Recovery Successes

Read testimonials from our satisfied vitrectomy recovery equipment rental customers.

R. Dobbs

"Would never have been able to do this procedure without the facedown chair. Jerry is a great ambassador for your company."

M. Saugherty

"This was an emergency surgery so we appreciate just being able to acquire it at all"

S. LaComsiere

"Throughly satisfied and prompt"

D. Burkhurt

"Michelle has been extremely helpful! She was a brand new employee and was very kind and listened. Thank You."

D. Mucklier


S. Broswavic

"Really like Jerry. Nice and caring. From the moment I called FaceDown Rental the woman was very caring and helpful. Very happy with everything. Thank you."
Great Service When Renting Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment

"Very happy and appreciative - Great Service" C. Bong 10/06/16

"Very helpful phone staff. Thank You." N. Stout 09/15/16

"After speaking with Sherry, Jerry had the chair delivered, set up and explained within two hours of my call. Truly excellent customer service!" J. Cobb 08/02/16

"Thank you for all your professional help." S.Malkoch 06/20/16

"Becky was very helpful and did a great job thank you!" K. Hansen 02/06/16

"I was very pleased with the equipment, I could not imagine completing my head down days without it." C.Peeple 08/03/15

"I looked into other companies. However, your company would and did handle the insurance coverage. This really was helpful and why I choose your company." -- L. Kron 07/21/14

"Called about questions and Becky came out to our home to help us. It was wonderful!" -- D. Kuehl 07/08/14

"Delivery person could not have been more efficient and friendly, delivering and picking up the equipment. Second time I've had to use these professionals and the experience was very good, at a difficult time." -- M.R. Billman 06/11/14

"I was more than satisfied with your service. In a very stressful time for me, Cheri and the delivery technician could not have been nicer or more helpful!!!" -- J. Burton

"Excellent service. Equipment was a blessing." --A. Stroschin 04/18/14

"Extremely helpful and concerned about my comfort. I can't say enough how nice everyone is!" -- B. Klotther 04/14/14

"Excellent-Quick- very kind and helpful. It definitely was a lifesaver. It helped me for 3 weeks- to survive!!" -- Sister K. Kluthe 10/19/12

"Excellent Service. Highly Recommend." -- B. Dembinski 10/19/12

"Very Pleasant, Very Helpful." "Tim was very professional." -- N. Precour 03/05/12

"Tried 2 different chairs- found one to fit me & then Cheri adjusted everything right away." "Very polite people who took time to help." --S. Hooper 11/07/11

"The company & the delivery man are a great combination." -- D. Lewandowski 07/20/11

"Service was Wonderful." -- H. Edgerly06/02/11

"Your service was outstanding & I couldn't have gotten throught my recovery wihtout your equipment." --P. Hanson 04/25/11

"We were thankful to receive the equipment so quickly." -- K. Farber 05/09/11

"Excellent service, everything was explained in detail. Would highly recommend FaceDown Rental to others." --E. Graff 4/12/11

“We got very good service just when we needed it the most and we thank you very much!” --Robert Watson

“A very accommodating staff! I would recommend them to anyone who has this surgery!” --Susan Eisenberg

The Most Knowledgeable Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment Staff

"Very Good, on time, concerned and took time to answer questions and demonstrate thoroughly." -- C. Vitale 05/23/14

"I especially want to express my appreciation to your delivery technician for his thoughtful and professional behavior. His help and sensitivity speak well for your company. He is a very positive representative for the work your do." -- C. Lindner 06/23/14

"I was scared facing the unknown and your staff made it so much easier. I did not have to worry about using and could focus on recovery." -- C. Eickstadt 04/11/14

"We talked to Becky and Cheri, and met Tim. All were very pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable. We will highly recommend Face Down Rental. --Robert Richards 6/16/2013

"Tim was exceptional, very helpful, and thoughtful" --Gib Wiser 5/18/2013

"Facedown Rental went above and beyond my expectations. Not only were they less expensive than the first place I had called, they were so accommodating in regards to handling the insurance and delivering the chair to my home. Everyone involved was kind and professional. -- K. Boyd 06/06/12

"very informative." "friendly, creative in making fittings work." -- Barb 12/13/11

"Everyone was so very helpful & very pleasant to talk to." --J. Berg 09/22/11

"Worked well with United Health Care & Doctor's office to get insurance coverage at the In-Network level." --J. Ruona 06/02/11

"Your delivery person was very helpful in showing us how it works. Was really impressed with all of you." -- M. Udell 06/07/11

"Jerry was so helpful. It was a wonderful experience." --A. Ratajczak 3/3/11

“What a relief it was to find a company that provided these services. Staff was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Thanks much.” --Lisa Blair

“Everything was thoroughly explained by Jerry. And I had this surgery before, so he even took the initiative to bring 2 different models (of chairs) for me to try. He really did a nice job! Delivery and pick-up was very prompt and instructions very thorough and courteous!” --Ronald Schlicht

One of a Kind Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment Service

"I can't imagine recuperating without the chair. What a GREAT help!" M. Wester 07/08/17

"2nd time used- very worthwhile" J. Hintl 05/14/17

"I couldn't have gotten through my vicretomy without this!" C. Sweeny 01/17/17

"Great experience, equipment was so comfortable, I fell asleep in it" --Gail Hora 4/24/2013

"I am most grateful to you for providing this equipment which ultimately saved my sight because of having my head down. --Sister K. Kluthe 10/19/12

"The equipment was very helpful- as I was apprehensive about post-op recovery. "Very much so intend to recommend face down rental co to others, I was quite pleased." "Made recovery very do-able." --S. Hoff 01/26/12

"This is an excellent and neccessary service." --B. Wierschke 10/29/11

“What a wonderful service. The mirror was a God-send! Glad someone thought of this service!” --Charles Steinkrus

“This was my first time and it really helped for sitting and viewing people and TV while recovering from surgery.” --Duane Ropers

Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment to Assist in Speedy Recovery

"Equipment made the face-down position tolerable and therefore a better vision outcome." Cyndi 10/04/16

"The equipment was a big help, it made the process a lot easier." M. Gaalema 06/21/16

"I really appreciated the equipment and the staff" Patford 05/11/16

"Use of Facedown equipment was a factor that both aided and facilitated my recovery process." B. Kremir 04/08/16

"Well designed and comfortable" S. Spencer 02/10/16

"The chair was a life saver being face down for a week." D. Cissell 02/09/16

"Sleeping face down is not natural for me. I could not have endured the recovery without your equipment." J. Mas 01/06/16

"I was very pleased with the equipment, I could not imagine completing my head down days without it." C.Peeple 08/03/15

"This equipment is a must! If you have to look down you might as well be comfortable. Very knowledgeable about my macular hole. Reassuring about the procedure and recovery." -- S. White 08/04/14

"A very helpful device. I would not have wanted to do what was asked without the product. FaceDown Rental was great to work with." -- J. Story 04/06/14

"The equipment was so very helpful an game my neck and shoulders support. Great customer service. very punctual~ delivery person was very informative." -- M. Jurczyk 05/20/14
"Very, very helpful. Thank you very much!" --Jackie Lewis 6/20/2013

"It was a Godsend. Everything worked perfectly! -- D. Michalski 05/30/12

"can't imagine going without it." "Eases back strain." -- D. Easelstyn

"A God send for watching TV and even napping in it." -- S. Putz 04/18/12

"The chair definately made my recovery bearable. Using it helped my neck & back (to be) much less painful. So glad we were able to get it and the service was wonderful." --J. Migliano 11/25/11

"The equipment was very clean!" "An excellent piece of equipment...Well worth the money to rent." --D. Roehborn 10/07/11

"Tim was very friendly and helpful. The delvery was prompt and the chair was so helpful in helping me keep my sanity during this recovery process- Thank you!" --K. Mahsem 09/23/11

"The equipment was in mint condition and the horse shoe (shaped) pillow was so comfortable. I took many naps in my unit." --P. Berghout 09/21/11

"Essential to recovery!" --Anonymous 4/19/11

"Extremely helpful, I don't think I could have managed without it. The chair is the best! I could just rely on it and still keep my head down. Even watched TV with the family." --B. Mullikin 4/8/11

"This chair really was helpful. I don't know what I would have done without it." --J. Williamson 4/4/11

"The equipment was very helpful. It allowed me to keep my head down more than I could have on my own" --F. Waller 1/18/11

“Very useful, especially the delivery and pick-up!” --Mavis Hubbard

“Very helpful in supporting neck and back. It’s the only way to watch TV!” --Randolph Frank
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